Adaptive Personal Information Environment based on the Semantic Web


  • Thanyalak Maneewatthana
  • Gary Wills
  • Wendy Hall


Personalised information systems aim to give the individual user support in accessing, retrieving and storing information. In order to support knowledge workers during their tasks of searching, locating and manipulating information, a system that provides information suitable for a particular user’s needs, and that is also able to facilitate the sharing and reuse information, is essential. This paper presents Adaptive Personal Information Environment (a-PIE); a service-oriented framework using Open Hypermedia and Semantic Web technologies to provide a personalised web-based system. a-PIE models the information structures (data and links) and context as Fundamental Open Hypermedia Model (FOHM) structures which are manipulated by using the Auld Linky contextual link service. a-PIE provides an information environment that enables users to search an information space based on ontologically defined domain concepts. The users can add and manipulate (edit, delete, comment, etc.) interesting data, or parts of information structures, into their information space leaving the original published data, or information structures, unchanged. a-PIE facilitates the shareability and reusability of knowledge according to users’ requirements.