Building the Hydra Together: Enhancing Repository Provision through Multi-Institution Collaboration


  • Chris Awre University of Hull
  • Tom Cramer Stanford University


Hydra, collaboration, community, partners, roles, responsibilities


In 2008 the University of Hull, Stanford University and University of Virginia decided to collaborate with Fedora Commons (now DuraSpace) on the Hydra project. This project has sought to define and develop repository-enabled solutions for the management of multiple digital content management needs that are multi-purpose and multi-functional in such a way as to allow their use across multiple institutions. This article describes the evolution of Hydra as a project, but most importantly as a community that can sustain the outcomes from Hydra and develop them further. The data modelling and technical implementation are touched on in this context, and examples of the Hydra heads in development or production are highlighted. Finally, the benefits of working together, and having worked together, are explored as a key element in establishing a sustainable open source solution.

Author Biographies

  • Chris Awre, University of Hull
    Head of Information Management, Library and Learning Innovation
  • Tom Cramer, Stanford University
    Associate Director, Digital Library Systems and Services, Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources