The Philological Workstation BAMBI (Better Access to Manuscripts and Browsing of Images)


  • Sylvie Calabretto LISI-INSA de LYON
  • Andrea Bozzi LISI-INSA de LYON


This paper presents the results of the European project LIB-3114 for Digital Libraries called BAMBI (Better Access to Manuscripts and Browsing of Images). The project has produced a hypermedia system allowing historians, and more particularly codicologists and philologists, to read manuscripts, transcribe manuscripts, write annotations, and navigate between the words of the transcription and the matching piece of image in the numerized picture of the manuscript. After an introduction on the objectives of the project and the related works, the second part is devoted to the description of the functions and the design of the Philological Workstation. The third part describes how the international standard HyTime (Hypermedia/Time-based Structured Language) has been used as a modelling language to describe works on manuscripts (description, transcription, annotations, links, ...). Finally, the architecture of the BAMBI workstation is presented.