Designing Computational Hypermedia Applications


  • Gustavo Rossi TAMU Digital Initiatives
  • Daniel Schwabe Departamento de Inform├ítica, PUC-RIO, Brazil
  • Alejandra Garrido


This position paper analyses the problem of extending computational applications with hypermedia, from a design point of view. It focusses on the design of evolvable and easy-to-maintain applications combining hypermedia features with more conventional application behavior. The object-oriented hypermedia design method (OOHDM) is the conceptual basis of our approach. Using the visual tools provided by OO-Navigator, an object-oriented support environment for OOHDM, it is possible to construct computational hypermedia applications applying the concepts of the OOHDM. Also, the problem is analysed from a higher abstraction level. Design patterns are introduced and it is shown that they are a powerful tool to record and reuse designers' experience. A set of patterns for hypermedia applications that address problems both at the architectural, navigational and interface levels are presented. A reference architecture for computational hypermedia applications is outlined and further work in this area is discussed.