Diversity and Interoperability of Repositories in a Grid Curation Environment


  • Andreas Aschenbrenner Goettingen State and University Library and Austrian Academy of Sciences
  • Harry Enke Astrophysical Institute Potsdam
  • Thomas Fischer Goettingen State and University Library
  • Jens Ludwig Goettingen State and University Library


IT based research environments with an integrated repository component environments are increasingly important in research. While grid technologies and its relatives used to draw most attention, the e-Infrastructure community is now often looking to the repository and preservation communities to learn from their experiences. After all, trustworthy data-management and concepts to foster the agenda for data-intensive research are among the key requirements of researchers from a great variety of disciplines. The WissGrid project aims to provide cross-disciplinary data curation tools for a grid environment by adapting repository concepts and technologies to the existing D-Grid e Infrastructure. To achieve this, it combines existing systems including Fedora, iRODS, DCache, JHove, and others. WissGrid respects diversity of systems, and aims to improve interoperability of the interfaces between those systems.