Adding OAI­-ORE Support to Repository Platforms 


  • Alexey Maslov
  • James Creel
  • Adam Mikeal
  • Scott Phillips
  • John Leggett
  • Mark McFarland


The Texas Digital Library (TDL) is a cooperative initiative of Texas universities. One of TDL’s core services is a federated collection of electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) from its member schools. As this collection grew, the need for tools to manage the content exchange from the local to the federated repository became evident. This paper presents our experiences in adding harvesting support to the DSpace repository platform using the ORE and PMH protocols from the Open Archives Initiative. We describe our use case for a statewide ETD repository and the mapping of the OAI‐ORE data model to the DSpace architecture. We discuss our implementation that adds both dissemination and harvesting functionality to the repository. We conclude by discussing the architectural flexibility added to the TDL repository through this project.