Self-Assessment of a Long-Term Archive for Interdisciplinary Scientific Data as a Trustworthy Digital Repository


  • Robert R. Downs
  • Robert S. Chen


Long-term preservation and stewardship of scientific data and research-related information are vitally important to future science and scholarship. Scientific data archives can offer capabilities for managing and preserving disciplinary and interdisciplinary data for research, education, and decision-making activities of future communities of users. Meeting the requirements for a trusted digital repository will help to ensure that today’s collections of scientific data will be available in the future. A continuing self-assessment of a long-term archive for interdisciplinary scientific data is being conducted to identify the additional steps needed for it to become a trustworthy repository. Recommendations include a strategy for collaborative organizational sustainability, a model for submission and workflow to ingest interdisciplinary scientific data into a repository, and a plan for facilitating intra-organizational transfer between repositories.