Authoring, Editing and Visualizing Compound Objects for Literary Scholarship


  • Anna Gerber
  • Jane Hunter


This paper presents LORE (Literature Object Re-use and Exchange), a light-weight tool designed to enable scholars and teachers of literature to author, edit and publish OAI-ORE-compliant compound information objects that encapsulate related digital resources and bibliographic re-cords. LORE provides a graphical user interface for creating, labelling and visualizing typed rela-tionships between individual objects using terms from a bibliographic ontology based on the IFLA FRBR. After creating a compound object, users can attach metadata and publish it to a re-pository (as an RDF graph) where it can be searched, retrieved, edited and re-used by others. LORE has been developed in the context of the Australian Literature Resource project (AustLit) and hence focuses on compound objects for teaching and research within the Australian literary studies community. However it can easily be tailored to support the creation of compound ob-jects for literary and bibliographic research more generally.